“Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness…”
Exodus 18:21

“How to Vote Biblical”

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Above is the full length version of ‘How to Vote Biblical’. It contains all of the lessons in the videos below, in one continuous video.

Does A Candidate’s Faith Matter?

Does a persons faith or religious association matter? Should their faith be a secondary consideration when examining them as a candidate? Should their faith be kept out of the decision altogether?

Do Politics & Religion Mix?

What do politics and religion have to do with each other? Are they related at all? Should we separate the two when voting? If so, how? .

How Should We Pick a Candidate?

What about voting for the lesser of two evils? Should the political party matter? Should we vote for a biblical candidate that we know will never win? What is the standard for picking a candidate?

Are All Issues Equally Important?

Are all issues equally important or should lesser issues not be considered when voting? What are the most pressing issues of the day, and if a candidate does not agree with me on these issues, should I eliminate them from consideration?

How to Save our Country

In order to save our country and salvage freedom for yourself, your family and for our nation, it is not voting biblically that is most important, but to do exactly what is revealed in this segment is what matters.

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